Burjeel Hospitals & Medical Centres
Valued guests, not patients

VPS Healthcare's flagship brand combines premium hospital care with all the amenities of a five-star hotel. Burjeel's essence - the art of healing - is a marriage of medical excellence with an empathy and ambience designed to speed patient recovery. Burjeel operates ultra-premium hospitals, specialist centres, and medical clinics in the UAE and Oman, where patients are referred to as 'guests'.

The company's $1.5 billion expansion programme is led by the new Burjeel Medical City in Mohammed Bin Zayed City, a tertiary-care complex that will be the UAE's largest private healthcare provider when it opens in 2017.

The landmark project focuses on ultra-specialised domains such as oncology, long-term care, and wellness, along with advanced imaging, emergency, and endoscopy, a rehabilitation centre with prosthetics and orthotics services, outpatient clinics, and state-of-the-art operating theatres and critical care areas.

The new facility will comprise a 300-bed hospital, long-term care villas, administrative buildings, and a mosque - together covering 82,000m² of floor area.

Burjeel represents the pinnacle of medical care, coupled with exclusive hotel-style services such as valet parking, exquisite VIP lounges, spacious lobby and garden areas, and up-market restaurants and cafe's. Although there are standard rooms, the emphasis is on suites, the largest with five bedrooms, so the entire family can stay in comfort and give their loved ones personal support while undergoing treatment.

In total, Burjeel's expansion programme provides for 19 new properties in the UAE and Qatar - four hospitals, five speciality centres, and ten medical centres - that are under construction or already open.

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