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VPS Healthcare is experienced in the management of healthcare facilities and services at all levels of care with excellence written into everything we do.

We have a unique experience of operations under our umbrella, hospitals catering to patients from all tiers of society through its healthcare facilities viz. Burjeel hospitals in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, Burjeel clinics, two LLH Hospitals in Abu Dhabi and three Lifeline hospitals (Oman). The Lifecare group utilizes our management services to run their 2 hospitals in Mafraq and Musaffah. One of our biggest strengths is our deeply penetrated hospital network which allows us to refer patients for consultations and other services from geographically far located facilities to more centralized and super-specialty centers in the region. VPS Healthcare annually serves almost 3 million footfalls.

Strengths & Key Highlights

  • Robust Infrastructure
  • Highly experienced industry professionals running big successful facilities
  • Reputed Physicians to offer best-in-class patient care
  • Strong Brand Value: VPS Healthcare in last seven years has built a tremendous reputation amongst patients, physicians and payors
  • Excellent Specialized Services (IVF, Cath Lab, Dialysis)
  • State of the art laboratories and diagnostic imaging services
  • Profound strength in financial management and procedures, which allows healthy Return on Investment
  • Exceptionally high caliber human resources department for continuously developing as well as attracting the best talent
  • Robust IT and Hospital Information System designed to integrate and comprehensively manage all the aspects of hospital operation, such as medical, administrative, financial, legal and the corresponding service processing
  • Excellent SOPs for every department viz. Medical Services, Diagnostic, Nursing, Emergency, etc. which allows new facilities and services to come up to speed in record times
  • Highly qualified and skilled quality department to ensure better service delivery and medical outcomes
  • Strategic location of facilities across all geographies
  • Unity amongst Diversity of Staff - More than 10000 employees including over 1000 highly qualified physicians in almost all medical specialties
  • Well managed and integrated Pharmacy for both Out-Patient and In-Patient to serve round the clock and ensure complete patient and physician satisfaction
  • Efficient material management team which operates with an experienced team for Purchase, Supply, Inventory Management for best negotiations

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