LLH Healthcare Management
Mass market, personal attention

The LLH brand was born of a desire to provide highly cost-effective yet reliable healthcare services, complemented by personal attention. While catering to the mass market and a niche demographic sector, LLH maintains the same level of medical expertise that is synonymous with all the VPS brands.

Two LLH hospitals and a medical centre are situated close to Abu Dhabi's business and industrial hubs. Their mission is to preserve and restore health and well-being through extensive use of empowerment and technology, adhering to core values of compassion, teamwork, and integrity. Over the years, LLH has become the destination of choice for thousands of resident workers and their families, who put their trust in the dedication of medical staff in attending closely to each patient's needs with respect and dignity.

LLH has been driven by quality, resulting in recognition by various accreditation authorities from across the world. All facilities and services have been designed around rapidly growing patient needs and demands, constantly keeping abreast of the latest developments in medicine and adopting international best practice to improve service quality.

This commitment to patient care was endorsed in 2016 when LLH Hospital, Abu Dhabi received the Dubai Quality Appreciation Award.

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