Rockland Hospitals, New Delhi, NCR
Strategic coverage across Delhi

Located in India's National Capital Region, VPS Rockland's three multi-specialty hospitals in Delhi provide superior care through a combination of advanced medical facilities, clinical excellence, and high-end technology. VPS acquired Rockland in 2016, representing an investment of about $22 million including further development of the network.

Rockland's first hospital was Qutab in 2002. It has about 20,000m² of built area, including six operating theatres, MRI, and advanced intensive care services. This was followed by Dwarka Hospital, a compact 102-bed facility that offers services from basic specialties to advanced neuro-spinal and cancer surgery. The third, Manesar, is a 505-bed multi-specialty hospital occupying a 2-hectare campus and a built area of 50,000m². The three facilities employ about 1,300 people.

Manesar Hospital is set to be the tertiary care hospital for the entire region of more than 15,000km². Its strategic location close to arterial roads provides ease of accessibility that is essential to treat emergency and trauma cases. VPS also plans to develop Manesar into a referral centre for oncology.

Rockland is also developing a 3-hectare site in Noida, south of Delhi - a greenfield project still at the planning stage. The new hospital will be on a scale similar to Manesar - on completion, it will augment VPS's coverage of the entire National Capital Region.

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