Tajmeel Dental Centres
Visiting our dentist is fun!

Tajmeel epitomises leadership and innovation in dental care, embracing the VPS values of premium quality service, delivered in a warm and reassuring environment. There are four facilities in Abu Dhabi, including the locally famous and highly successful Tajmeel Kids Park Medical Centre, which combines dentistry with a visit to the zoo.

Tajmeel dental centres are committed to providing the foremost quality of dental service in the UAE, performed by world-class experts who are highly skilled and experienced in all dental specialities, providing comprehensive state-of-the-art treatment to adults and children alike. All are equipped with the latest technology and staffed by acknowledged leaders in their respective specialist disciplines. These centres set new benchmarks of excellence in oral care, especially cosmetic procedures.

Tajmeel takes pride in continuing to raise the quality of products and services - responding to the challenging needs in a changing healthcare landscape.

The goal is to be the most trusted dental services provider in the UAE, delivering satisfaction through the science of healing and the art of care. Tajmeel will continue to rapidly advance this cause, using the latest technologies to generate results where client's best interests are served.

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