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VPS Healthcare, one of the largest healthcare groups in the UAE, is constantly expanding and currently employs over 13000 people including doctors, nurses, clinical staff, management professionals and support staff at 22 hospitals, over 125 health centers and healthcare support services across the UAE, Oman, India and Europe.

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VPS Healthcare: Fostering Family Culture

VPS Healthcare believes in fostering the culture of a family where working together as a team is built on trust and values. Everyone in the VPS Healthcare family genuinely respect, and care about each other. At VPS Healthcare, we all truly enjoy each other's company and enjoy doing things together. We support each other and work together to achieve the organisational goals. Teamwork with solidarity in VPS Healthcare means transparency, celebrating opportunities, interdependency, but not judging one another. The unity of every employee in VPS Healthcare reflects the value system of a family. The quintessential factor for VPS Healthcare is to ensure harmonious development by caring for the employees in every aspect.

Leaders Walk the Talk

Leadership in VPS Healthcare is not about holding a position but walking the talk. Being closer and understanding the ground realities. A true leader is the one who truly listens to his employees. Our Chairman and Managing Director, Dr. Shamsheer Vayalil, believes in reaching out to the employees and listening to them. 'Breakfast with CMD' session facilitates the employees across the group to share their experiences and challenges with a focus on the process improvements, service excellence, welfare of the employees and the organisation.

Career Growth @ VPS

We firmly believe that offering a career opportunity with VPS Healthcare is a mutually valuable association. To meet the business objectives, it is imperative not only to have the right people but also the right environment for the employees to exhibit talent and skill sets. VPS Healthcare not only gives one the feeling of working together as a family but also creates a sense of certainty in career growth for employees who are passionate and willing to go that extra mile.

Why should one join VPS Healthcare?

Being a part of VPS Healthcare Family is starting the progressive journey of 'excellence'. Excellence is a way of life in VPS Healthcare, which is contagious with each and every member of the family. We at VPS Healthcare nurture our members to tap their potential, enhance and utilise their skills and abilities by providing them a great platform of exposure with unlimited opportunities. Professionalism, work ethics and friendly work culture are given prime importance in each and every endeavour in VPS Healthcare. Join us to learn, grow, evolve, contribute, and to create a positive impact on the people around us.


Be wary of fake job offers circulated on behalf of VPS Healthcare by certain individuals/entities claiming to be representatives, affiliates or permitted assigns, under contract with VPS Healthcare.

At VPS Healthcare we do not:

  1. Send job offers from any domain name other than our registered website, much less from free email services like Gmail, Rediffmail, Yahoo mail, Hotmail, etc.
  2. Authorise anyone, or seek or call upon payments or fee of any nature from job applicants.
  3. Our offers to potential employees are always made directly by VPS Healthcare and not by any third parties.

VPS Healthcare will not be responsible to anyone relying or acting upon an employment offer not directly made by VPS Healthcare.

Anyone making an employment offer in return for monetary or other type of gain is not authorised by VPS Healthcare and is not offering any approved job. VPS Healthcare reserves the right to take legal action, including criminal action, against such individuals/entities.