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Burjeel Royal Hospital, Al Ain, sets up Korean Spine & Joint Center .
Filed on 2021-06-02 | Last updated on 2021-06-02 05:35:16

Al Ain:In a first of its kind, Burjeel Royal Hospital, Al Ain, has partnered with South Korean experts and professionals to launch a Korean Spine and Joint Center at the hospital. The initiative will be a blessing for thousands of the UAE residents who travel to South Korea for spine and orthopedic treatment.
In the initial phase, the Korean center set up at the VPS Group hospital will cater to the needs of patients who require spine and orthopedic treatment and surgeries. The services at the center will be provided by medics and professionals from South Korea.
MMK Global FZE, a South Korean-headquartered company, will manage the human resources for the center and will add more specialized doctors, nurses and physiotherapists as part of an agreement between Burjeel Royal Hospital and the South Korean company.
The Korean Spine and Joint Center at Burjeel Royal Hospital will be led by Dr. Jin Hwa Eum – a highly acclaimed doctor and surgeon – whose careers spans over forty years. The doctor has so far performed 4,500 spine surgeries successfully.
Dr. Jin is an expert spine surgeon who follows the Unilateral Biportal Endoscopic (UBE) technique for surgeries. “UBE is an advanced form of minimally invasive surgery. In this case, the surgical view is better and allows the doctor to decompress the pathologic lesion easily and safely without a nerve injury. It also helps in saving important spine musculatures, decreases postoperative pain, and enables faster recovery.
“We are excited to be here in the UAE. Our collaboration with Burjeel Royal Hospital, a leading health care facility in Al Ain, is an opportunity that would let us serve more patients in the UAE. We are happy and proud to be in the UAE and to serve the people of this country. We firmly believe that the people here will wholeheartedly embrace our innovative spinal surgical approach,” he said.
Burjeel Hospitals CEO John Sunil said: "We are proud and happy to establish a Korean Spine and Joint Center at Burjeel Royal Hospital, Al Ain. The department will strengthen and widen our capabilities in delivering quality care to our patients. The Korean Spine and Joint Center has a team of highly acclaimed orthopedic and spine doctors and professionals with proven experience in minimally invasive surgeries. The strategic alliance is expected to bring innovations in orthopedic and spine treatment and surgeries in the UAE. Being a responsible healthcare provider, VPS Healthcare and Burjeel Hospitals have always been at the forefront in adapting to newer technologies and successful treatment techniques. We aim to serve our patients and provide them with the best care. We hope the new center at our facility will serve this purpose.”
Burjeel Royal Hospital has concrete plans to expand the scope and services of the Korean center and will have more South Korean doctors and specialties by the end of this year.
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