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Covid UAE: People must follow safety measures during Ramadan, experts warn.
Ashwani Kumar | Khaleej Times
Filed on 2021-04-03 | Last updated on 2021-04-03 14:14:43

The number of new Covid-19 cases are dropping in hospitals and recoveries are on the rise, but people must follow safety measures during Ramadan to avert a new wave, medical experts warned.
On Friday, there were 2,180 new cases and 2,321 recoveries, with 100,080 vaccine doses administered as the overall vaccination drive hit 8.49 million doses at a distribution rate of 85.85 doses per 100 people.
Dr Rohit Kumar, Medical Director, Medeor Hospital Dubai, noted the nationwide number of new cases dropping from 3,000 in February to 2,000 range since March indicates the effectiveness of the nationwide vaccination campaign, which is also visible at medical facilities.
“Vaccines are helping contain the number of new cases and enhance recoveries. Hospitals are not full of coronavirus patients. In the hospitals and emergencies, we are seeing a downfall in the number of Covid-19 patients. Also, all the hospitals have started elective surgeries that shows the severity of the virus has gone down.”
Dr Kumar agreed: “Vaccine is not like a polio drop and doesn’t prevent you from getting coronavirus. It, however, reduces the severity. A person instead of landing in the ICU of a hospital can get treated and recover at home.”
Doctors pointed out that during Ramadan, residents need to be careful at iftar gatherings, and follow safety measures as there was risk of another wave.
“The number of new cases will drop faster, but we have to be careful, especially during Ramadan and Eid. We should be prepared for the next wave if people don’t follow social distancing during the Holy month and the festival,” Dr Kumar warned.
“Safety protocols have to be maintained. Pandemic doesn’t go away in six months but takes time, a minimum of two to three years,” Dr Kumar added.
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