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Covid vaccine: UAE doctors warn against taking two Pfizer booster shots after Sinopharm jab.
Ashwani Kumar | Khaleej Times
Filed on 2021-06-29 | Last updated on 2021-06-29 12:14:09

Fully vaccinated community members should not insist on taking more than one dose of the Covid booster jab, as doing so may cause complications, medical experts said.
UAE residents who have taken both doses of the Sinopharm vaccine are eligible to get a Pfizer-BioNTech booster shot six months after receiving their second dose.
However, according to local health authorities, some are insisting on a second booster shot — either because they wish to improve their immunity or because they wish to travel to Europe, where Pfizer and AstraZeneca are among the approved vaccines. In some cases, the Al Hosn app doesn’t show either dose and people try to take an additional dose for travel purposes.
“We noticed that some are insisting on taking more than the recommended doses for Covid-19, which contradicts medical opinion and may expose them to undesired complications; so, we advise all to adhere to the medical opinion,” Dr Farida Al Hosani, official spokesperson, UAE health sector, said during a media briefing on Sunday.
Echoing her views, Dr Mohamed Shafeeq, specialist — internal medicine at Dubai's Medeor Hospital, underlined that people shouldn’t be taking vaccines without consulting their physicians.
“The Covid-19 data analysis clearly shows that vaccinated people are safe from contracting the virus. Vaccines are our only succour," he said. "However, it doesn’t mean that people should try to get more vaccine shots than specified by the health ministry. Two shots of Sinopharm and a Pfizer (booster) are enough to ensure maximum protection.
"These doses have been determined after conducting a detailed study on its effects and results. If anybody gets more doses, it might trigger unwanted health issues and complications. People should be cautious and not fall for misinformation. They should consult with their doctor.”
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