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PCR result waiting times to shorten as Dubai and Abu Dhabi laboratories increase capacity.
Gillian Duncan | The National News
Filed on 2022-01-06 | Last updated on 2022-01-06 01:37:49

Clinics in Abu Dhabi and Dubai said waiting times for PCR results should ease in the coming days.
Currently results could take up to three days, more than 48 hours longer than normal.
The delay was because of increased demand fuelled by more travel, intensified testing requirements and a rising number of cases.
Demand remains high as employers ask people to get tested before returning to offices. On Wednesday, as the government reported 2,708 new cases,it said 469,028 were tested in just 24 hours.
Across Burjeel's network, customers would normally receive their results in less than a day, but the company assures them the increased wait is still less than two days.
“Earlier, we were able to release results even in 12 hours. However, with the current surge in testing, turnaround time has increased,” said Dr Seema Oommen, the head of Burjeel Medical City's Covid lab.
“But by increasing our capacities and by sticking to the tier system placed by the authorities, we are still able to release the results in 24 to 36 hours.
“Priority is always given to emergency, ICU cases and all patients due for surgery.”
She said she expects demand to continue at the current level for the foreseeable future.
“However, the country has always adapted rapidly to such needs, and labs are adding capacity or activating dormant capacity to bring the turnaround time down.