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UAE: Allergic conjunctivitis on the rise in summer, say medical practitioners.
Filed on 2022-07-28 | Last updated on 2022-07-28 06:06:17

Cases of allergic conjunctivitis have gone up in the UAE across varied age groups with children below 15 being most affected, ophthalmologists said on Wednesday.
This comes as many residents complain of red, itchy, and teary eyes, which seemingly indicate the condition.
“There’s an increase in the number of patients during the summer either with acute allergic conjunctivitis or with recurrent or chronic allergic conjunctivitis with relapse of allergic conjunctivitis, especially with adenovirus conjunctivitis,” says Dr Haitham Abdul Hafez Moued, Consultant Ophthalmology and head of the department, Burjeel Day Surgery Center, Reem Island, Abu Dhabi.
He adds, “There are different types of conjunctivitis: seasonal which is related to weather, and vernal conjunctivitis which affects children between the age group of 5-15.”
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