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UAE doctors: Follow Covid-safe lifestyle; virus may be around for a while.
Nandini Sircar
Filed on 2021-06-15 | Last updated on 2021-06-15 06:05:47

With the UAE apparently bending the Covid curve, doctors have warned against complacency and urged residents to continue following a Covid appropriate lifestyle at least for some more time.
This comes on the heels of a statement by Dr David Nabarro, special envoy as the World Health Organisation (WHO), who said that “people will have to learn to live with the disease. Eradication is not currently a reasonable target for the world. Each time there is a sudden surge, it does stimulate in one’s mind the thought that there might be a new variant appearing. That wouldn’t be surprising.”
Speaking about herd immunity through vaccination, Dr Ponnusamy Tamilvendan, Specialist Internal Medicine, Medeor Hospital, Dubai, said: “Herd immunity is a moving target as new variants emerge. Strict restrictions like lockdowns and closure of schools can be temporary and targeted at specific areas. Getting the vaccine, undergoing regular tests and cooperating with contact tracing is also part of the new normal.”
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