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UAE: May records the lowest number of Covid-19 cases this year.
ashwani Kumar | Khaleej Times
Filed on 2021-06-02 | Last updated on 2021-06-02 06:15:51

The month of May has seen the lowest number of new Covid-19 cases in the UAE.
The caseload and the average daily mortality rate have been steadily declining since the start of the year.
Medical experts attribute this bending of the curve to the robust vaccination and screening drives held across the country.
An approximate data on the Covid-19 cases will show the surge and drop in numbers: December (38,900), January (95,700), February (87,900), March (69,900), April (58,700) and May (50,500). The average daily mortality rate is as follows: January (5.6), February (13.2), March (8.7), April (3) and May (3).
Dr Osama Ahmed El Gharib, medical director, Burjeel Specialty Hospital, Sharjah, said the comparative data is proof of the UAE's effective handling of the pandemic situation.
“A pandemic progresses through different waves. The number of cases can be kept to a minimum only through a comprehensive strategy and the capacity to deal with it. Fortunately, we have a scientific method in handling the pandemic in the UAE. A comparative analysis of the recent data clearly indicates how effectively UAE is handling the situation.”
So far, close to 13 million doses of the Covid-19 vaccine have been administered and more than 50.5 million PCR tests conducted across the country.
Dr El Gharib underlined that the massive vaccination drive along with strict adherence to safety protocol has played a significant role in decline in the new cases.
“We should let this trend continue in the coming months by vaccinating the rest of the population and following safety protocols with the same spirit to bend the curve.”
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