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UAE doctors explain: Can eyeglasses protect you from Covid-19?
Saman Haziq | Khaleej Times
Filed on 2021-02-28
Ophthalmologist at Medeor Hospital, Dr Sanjay Vodela, said: “Coronavirus can spread through the eyes when an infected person coughs or sneezes in close proximity or if you touch a contaminated object before touching your eye. Eyeglasses in general protect you from such airborne conditions, as droplets from such a situation will not hit your eye and this is why contamination chances are higher if you do not have an eyewear.” Read full article here  ... Read More..
Health care facilities in UAE brace for RT-PCR test rush by India-bound passengers
Sajila Saseendran | Gulf News
Filed on 2021-02-25
With the more number of people coming to hospitals to get an RT-PCR test, Dr. Rohit Kumar, Medical Director of Medeor Hospital, explains how VPS Healthcare is prepping up to meet the increasing demand   Read the full story here. ... Read More..
LIFEPharma, produces cheaper version of vital multiple sclerosis drug
The National News
Filed on 2021-02-25
LIFEPharma, the pharmaceutical arm of VPS Healthcare, developed a generic version of the widely-used Fingolimod. The development will bring relief to MS patients, most of whom's insurance does not cover the cost of the daily tablets.  Fingolimod typically costs patients about Dh13,000 per month. That is the price for one box, which contains 28 tablets. The same quantity of the generic drug costs only Dh8,775, reducing the treatment cost by around 33 per cent.  It will be the first time the generic drug is developed and introduced into the UAE market. MS is a chronic autoimmune disorder that occurs when the immune system attacks the protective sheath surrounding the nerve fibres, causing communication issues between the brain and the body. This deterioration of the nerves ... Read More..
Avoid smoking in public to curb COVID-19 spread in UAE, doctors advise
Samihah Zaman | Gulf News
Filed on 2021-02-24
With the number of COVID-19 cases on the rise, doctors have once again advised residents to avoid smoking — both at outdoor and indoor public spaces — in order to reduce the spread of the coronavirus.   While cigarette smoke hasn’t conclusively been proven to transmit the virus, experts warn that the need to lower the face mask when smoking could allow smokers who may be unknowingly infected to spread the virus. In addition, vapers who are smoking could be up to 20 per cent more likely to transmit the virus by spreading it in clouds of smoke, according to researchers in Italy, Mexico and New Zealand. Shisha or water pipe smokers, on the other hand, also face heightened risk of contracting COVID-19, especially when smoking in shisha parlours.   “Ideal ... Read More..