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UAE: Some schools go online, Covid-positive students e-learn as daily cases rise
Khaleej Times Report
Filed on 2022-06-16
Some schools and several students have switched to distance learning as daily cases for Covid-19 continue to rise in the UAE.  Head teachers highlight they have observed a surge in cases in the recent past and have been adhering to all Covid-19 protocols as laid down by the respective emirates.  Institutions are offering distance and hybrid learning options not only to all its Covid positive pupils but to even students who are identified as close contacts.  Lisa Johnson, Principal, American Academy for Girls, Dubai says, “We are seeing an increase in cases, up 10 per cent from two months ago. Both students and staff have been affected by this wave. But fortunately, the severity of our cases has not been serious. Most of our new cases have been identified as originat ... Read More..
International Yoga Day 2022 celebrations begin in UAE with yoga on helipad under Strawberry Supermoon in Abu Dhabi
Gulf News Report
Filed on 2022-06-15
Abu Dhabi: Bathed in the light of the Strawberry Supermoon on Tuesday night, 35 Abu Dhabi residents participated in a yoga session on the helipad of the Burjeel Medical City.   The session came as part of a series of yoga workshops organised for YogaFest by health provider VPS Healthcare ahead of the International Day of Yoga (June 21).   “We planned to host this event at night as it was a rare opportunity that would enable people to experience yoga in a different setting. It turned out to be an energising session that helped the participants feel rejuvenated,” said John Sunil, regional CEO of Burjeel Hospitals, part of the VPS network of health facilities.   “I looked forward to admiring the strawberry supermoon while practising yoga. Although ... Read More..
This Indian expat fights fear of needles to donate blood every 3 months
Khaleej Times Report
Filed on 2022-06-13
Five years ago, Roy Rajan received a phone call pleading with him to donate his O-negative blood, a rare group, for an emergency case. The Abu Dhabi resident fought his intense fear of needles and blood to donate for the first time and save a life. Since then, he has been donating blood every three months.  “I still remember that day in the summer of 2017. It was a common friend who phoned me to save someone's life in an emergency," said Rajan.  People with the O-negative blood group are universal donors. O-negative is a rare blood group found only in 7 per cent of the population. It is always in demand as it can be given to patients of all blood types. In emergency situations, it is the first choice for transfusion before the doctor determines the patient’s blood t ... Read More..
Chronic back pain complaints on the rise as doctors say people are less active
The National News Report
Filed on 2022-06-10
Back pain is one of the most common medical complaints among adults but if left untreated the condition can deteriorate over time and become debilitating for sufferers.  Doctors in the UAE said patients who present with back pain are most often diagnosed with a herniated or compressed disc, with five to 20 cases per 1,000 adults annually.  Most commonly seen in people in their 30s, 40s and 50s, the condition affects twice as many males as females.  Dr Mohamed Elzoghby, consultant neurosurgeon at Burjeel Medical City, said fewer than 5 per cent of patients with back pain are diagnosed with disc disease.  However, as disc material degenerates over time and the ligaments that hold it in place begin to weaken, it can become a long-lasting and debilitating condition for ... Read More..