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UAE crosses vaccine milestone: 200 doses administered per 100 people
Dhanusha Gokulan | Khaleej Times
Filed on 2021-09-27
The UAE crossed a new vaccination milestone on Saturday: the distribution rate is now at 200.67 doses per 100 people. This means the number of Covid jabs administered in the country has reached twice its population.  So far, more than 19.8 million doses have already been given across the Emirates, with 71,886 jabs recorded in the past 24 hours, according to the Ministry of Health and Prevention (Mohap).  “This is in line with the ministry’s plan to provide the Covid-19 vaccines to all members of society and part of efforts to reach acquired immunity...which will help reduce the number of cases and control the Covid-19 virus,” added the ministry.  For doctors in the country, the mass vaccination drive has been proving effective as cases have drastically d ... Read More..
UAE doctors: Get your kids vaccinated against the flu before winter
Nandini Sircar | Khaleej Times
Filed on 2021-09-25
Paediatricians are urging parents to get their children vaccinated against the flu as soon as possible, ideally before wintertime. Medics see the maximum number of infections between August and February — a period widely regarded as the ‘flu season’. With Dubai schools set to return tofull in-person learning from October 3, parents are expressing concern about their children’s health. But doctors toldKhaleej Timesthat getting an influenza shot is one way to keep kids safe, especially because the pandemic has not yet receded. Moreover, the symptoms for Covid-19 and the fluare so similar that getting infected can be confusing.  Vaccines are a small inactive part of the virus that gets injected in the body. This stimulates the body’s immune system, p ... Read More..
UAE bolsters mental health services, experts urge residents not to suffer in silence
Jennifer Bell, Al Arabiya English
Filed on 2021-09-21
Health specialists across the United Arab Emirates have urged residents across the country to seek help if they are suffering from depression and anxiety and utilize the country’s growing mental health support services.   The push in the UAE comes as National Suicide Prevention Month is marked across the globe.   VID-19 pandemic triggered a mental health crisis leaving people increasingly fragile and vulnerable to depression, anxiety, and stress. Doctors across the country have said that the COVID-19 pandemic triggered a mental health crisis leaving people increasingly fragile and vulnerable to depression, anxiety, and stress.   September is annually recognized as a month to raise awareness about mental health disorders and to promote suicide prevention aw ... Read More..
3D printed tool helps schoolboy in Dubai back on to basketball court
Nick Webster | The National News
Filed on 2021-09-16
Talal Sawaf, 11, is just amazing. Born with bowleg syndrome, he has shown immense courage and never let the condition hinder him in chasing his love for playing basketball. The boy has had two surgeries so far and will undergo three more corrective procedures. If all goes well, Talal can be back on the court in April and will be able to play the game without the fear of tripping over. A big thank you to Dr. Gavin Spence, Specialist Pediatric Orthopedics at Burjeel Dubai, for his pathbreaking innovation of a 3-D printed plastic jig that has helped Talal and made the treatment cost-effective. We at Burjeel Dubai are proud of this, and we wish Talal all the best. May he becomes whatever he aspires for in life - a doctor or a basketball star. Read the full article click here  ... Read More..