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How to manage your sleep during Ramadan
Dr Supriya Sundaram
Filed on 2021-04-22
Sound sleep is essential to our health and our day to day functioning. However, in the holy month of Ramadan, getting the right quantity and quality of sleep is not easy. Studies have shown that lack of sleep can reduce alertness, cause mood disturbances and increases one’s risk of injury.The effects of intermittent fasting in Ramadan affecting sleep has also been extensively studied. Sleep has various domains in its architecture. Falling asleep when lying in bed is called sleep latency and this tends to increase during the holy month. Total sleep time is also decreased. Another important change seen during Ramadan is the sleep-wake hormone Melatonin. While Melatonin levels showed the same wave during the holy month, their levels significantly dropped from baseline. Rapid eye mo ... Read More..
Ramadan 2021: Don't shop while fasting, urge UAE experts
SM Ayaz Zakir | Khaleej Times
Filed on 2021-04-19
Making purchasing decisions while hungry can end up in an expensive shopping spree. That was the gist of a tweet by Dubai Economy on Sunday, which recommended that residents avoid making such calls while fasting or before Iftar. The advisory is timely, as a large number of UAE residents are currently observing the holy month of Ramadan, during which they fast from dawn to dusk. And experts in the UAE concur.  Lama Tabasha, clinical dietician at Burjeel Hospital, explains: “Our body demands food for energy and hunger signals bring in more cravings. Very rarely will you then grab a fruit or choose salads or other low-calorie foods. Shopping while hungry will increase your willingness to pay for food items that are not really required by you.” Best time to shop during ... Read More..
Covid-19: Virus spreads through air; UAE doctors’ urge caution
Dhanusha Gokulan | Khaleej Times.
Filed on 2021-04-19
UAE doctors have called on residents to strictly follow safety measures after a report by The Lancet says SARS-CoV-2 is an airborne pathogen.  The paper, written by six experts from the UK, the US and Canada have cited ten reasons why SARS-CoV-2 is transmitted primarily by air, debunking the earlier predominant scientific view that the coronavirus that causes Covid-19 is not an airborne pathogen. Arguing that there are ‘insufficient grounds for concluding that the pathogen is not airborne’ they have also called for an urgent modification of the established Covid-19 safety protocols. In response to the report, UAE doctors have said in addition to following the basic health and safety protocols such as regular hand washing, mask-wearing, and physical distancing; the gener ... Read More..
Alcohol-related diseases on the rise due to Covid stress: UAE doctors
Ashwani Kumar | Khaleej Times
Filed on 2021-04-20
Doctors have reported an increase in alcohol-related hospitalisation cases amid the pandemic. On World Liver Day, they reiterated how drinking liquor weakens the immune system and leads to critical diseases. Dr Eswar Moparty, gastroenterologist at Medeor Hospital, Dubai, noted that alcohol consumption — especially drinking to cope with work-related stress — is on the rise. “There is an increase in the number of people consuming alcohol. Being off work, confined at home with depression due to lockdown or restrictions, some people tend to drink alcohol in greater quantities. There is a higher chance of contracting Covid-19 infection when visiting pubs and bars. Hence, there is a rise in hospitalisation for alcohol-related liver and pancreatic diseases,” he said.&nbs ... Read More..