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It's summer in UAE: Here are the ways to keep yourself safe
James Jose | Khaleej Times
Filed on 2021-05-22
Dr Ayesha Khalid, family medicine consultant at Burjeel Medical Centre also suggested a good diet of fruits and vegetables, which is rich in vitamins and electrolytes.  “To avoid dehydration, make sure that you have a well-balanced diet with fruits and vegetables so that you are getting all vitamins and electrolytes. If you are going to do any physical exertion or exercise, you make up for that by drinking more fluids and electrolytes,” Dr Khalid said.  Residents should also be wary of sudden changes in temperature when going out from a cool indoor environment. “Make sure that your air conditioner is not so cool that when you go out, it’s suddenly very hot. There should not be a sudden change in the temperature,” she explained.  Read the ful ... Read More..
COVID-19 vaccine jabs in the UAE: Do you suffer from White Coat Syndrome?
Suchitra Bajpai Chaudhary | Gulf News
Filed on 2021-05-20
Dubai: Are you a victim of White Coat Syndrome? The condition seems to have received renewed focus during the pandemic when a number of UAE residents have reported a spike in their blood pressure during a visit to the hospital or primary health-care centre for either a PCR test or for their vaccination jab.  Dr Alaa Zedan, specialist internal medicine at Burjeel Hospital for Advanced Surgeries further explained the condition. “Hypertension, per se, is a medical epidemic sweeping through the world. One of the biggest gains from the national vaccination drive has been the detection of undiagnosed hypertension as blood pressure screening has been made mandatory before getting the jab. He said: “Typically, those who suffered a rise in their blood pressure prior to getting v ... Read More..
Emirati Genome Programme expands to include key facilities across Burjeel Hospital’s network in Abu Dhabi
Emirates News Agency
Filed on 2021-05-20
ABU DHABI, 19th May, 2021 (WAM) -- The Emirati Genome Programme expanded its reach with new sample collection centres that have been added through dedicated facilities across Burjeel Hospital’s network in Abu Dhabi.   The announcement, which was made during an attended by senior officials and healthcare professionals from Burjeel Hospital as well as G42 Healthcare, marks the beginning of important scientific collaborations between the two organisations.   As part of the new partnership, citizens in the Emirate can now participate in the program by visiting Burjeel Medical City – MBZ City, Burjeel Oasis Medical Centre – Madinat Zayed, Burjeel Medical Centre - Deerfields Mall, Burjeel Medical Centre at Al Shamkha or Burjeel Royal Hospital, Al Ain.   ... Read More..
Indian Covid-19 strain found in 3 Mideast countries: WHO
Anjana Sankar
Filed on 2021-05-17
Dr. Gunjan Mahajan, a specialist clinical pathologist at Burjeel Hospital, Dubai, said the highly contagious triple-mutant Covid-19 variant spreading in India poses a global health threat as it's being stipulated that it might be more infectious as compared to previous reported VoC. “This variant might escape the current vaccines, and changes to vaccine design would be needed to make them more effective. However, the available vaccinations are expected to curb disease spread and prevent severe disease. Hence, it's imperative first to get vaccinated and follow the precautionary measures,” said Dr. Mahajan.  Read the full article click here ... Read More..