VPS upcoming product
Burjeel Medical City - MBZ City, Abu Dhabi

Amongst the future projects, Burjeel Medical City, a part of MBZC (Mohammad Bin Zayed City), is a live embodiment of our future scope and efforts. Spread over an area of 1 million sq. ft., this innovative concept by VPS Healthcare focuses on efficient and sustainable care across various aspects of the healthcare delivery system. With a comprehensive approach to healthcare, this landmark project focuses on ultra-specialised areas like Oncology, Acute Care and Long-term Care & Wellness. Strategically located on the Abu Dhabi-Dubai highway, and equipped with up-to-the-minute infrastructure including an Air Ambulance service, Burjeel Medical City promises to be an avant-garde facility that meets global benchmarks in medical care.

Other than the Burjeel Medical City, we have several new projects in the pipeline. These new projects will fulfil the growing healthcare needs of the people in the region.

VPS upcoming product
LIFEPharma - Abu Dhabi
  • World-class vaccine formulation plant and general injectables facility to be operational by the end of 2018.
  • Technologically advanced Research and Development facility for development of new molecules.
  • Oncology vaccines and injectables facilities adhering to the highest international regulatory standards such as: USFDA, UKMHRA, Brazil ANVISA, TPD Health Canada and PMDA Japan.